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Connect to the Incredible Wisdom of Your Body 

Grounded Spiritual Practices & Guidance Designed to Connect You to Your Intrinsic Wholeness

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Mindful Movement & Yoga

Breathwork & Meditation

Intentional Living

Discover Your Innate Ability To:

Feel grounded and safe in your body

Know yourself better 

Connect to your true self 

Cultivate joy and pleasure in your life

Learn how to calm and soothe your nervous system

Gain practical tools to stay grounded in turbulent times

Explore self-expression and boundary setting

Experience mindful awareness in your day-to-day life

Enhance your well-being with mindfulness and meditation

No previous experience needed. 

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Let's Stay Connected...

CM is a growing service-focused company with a deep desire to cultivate a thriving, like-minded community who are creatively, consciously and compassionately embodying their true self. Coming soon: Monthly Manifestation Circles via Zoom!

Let's co-create this community together.

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Preparing for your appointment/class or event.

​The information below contains multiple suggestions with your comfort and ease in mind, use your own informed self judgement to assess or alter each suggestion as needed, or leave off if it does not serve you.

  • Set aside at least 10 minutes before your appointment to get ready

  • Find a safe space where you are unlikely to be disturbed 

  • Dress appropriately in loose fitting or very comfortable clothes

  • Put your phone, watch, etc. on silent (not vibrate)

  • If applicable make sure the members of your household know that you require some space during this time

You will need:

  • A full water bottle

  • A pen or sharp pencil and paper (really comes in handy)

  • A decent internet connection 

  • A Zoom profile and account (link will be provided upon booking)

Recommended Extras:

  • Create a beautiful and intentional space, wherever you might be, with art and flowers, candles, crystals or cards

  • A huggable cushion, cuddly soft toy, blankets or any other snuggly items 

  • A nice cup of herbal tea, tisane or cacao (if cacao, let me know and we can share a practice around this or even make it together if you're not sure how to make a super tasty ritual blend)

  • Your preferred method of aromatherapy (essential oils, incense, etc)

Teagan Davies, Toowoomba

Josie has a way of orchestrating and creating awareness and safety for people.... she engages with people in a way that is both realistic and optimistic. Josie is a wonderful practitioner.

Josie is a certified Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Community Developer based in Brisbane, Australia.

Known for her authe
nticity, creativity and sparks of wisdom Josie King has been facilitating personal growth in groups and individuals for the past five years.


"Yoga, mindfulness and meditation didn't just save my life, but they made it worth living... I was just surviving before that, and honestly not doing a great job of it."


If you're looking for grounded, insightful and practical spiritual advice you've found the right Meditation Coach.

Meet Josie

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