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My aim as a trauma-informed mindfulness coach is to get you out of your head and into your body. If you are stuck in panic mode, want to understand and connect to yourself better or simply need someone to talk to about difficult topics I'm here for you.


Meet Josie King

Josie was born in Auckland, NZ and has been living in Australia on and off since the age of 3. Currently she is based in Brisbane, where she has been living for the past seven years.


Josie was introduced to spirituality at a young age and found herself returning to it again and again as she met different trials throughout her life. Her personal story and list of certifications are listed below.


"Known for her grounding presence, profound insight and sense of humour Josie is particularly talented at helping people to feel calm, safe and accepted."

Available online and in person, if you need a wise guide with a compassionate, non-judgemental ear to support your personal growth make a booking or give her a call today.


Many people are drawn to Josie because of her personal story (read below) and the breadth of her life experience.


To complement her lived experiences and deepen her understanding of the world Josie has spent the past 11 years studying Social Practice, Yogic Living and Spirituality.

Knowledgeable and passionate, Josie is experienced in talking to and facilitating workshops for both large and intimate groups of people. Able to provide WWC and personal references as required, I'm comfortable in person, over the phone or online, I use Zoom.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Small Business Management Cert III, 2021

Small Business Management Cert IV, 2021

130 HR Meditation Teacher Training, Innate Being, 2021

Reiki Level 1, Lisa Powers, 2021

Reiki Level 2, Lisa Powers, 2021

200HR Yoga Teacher Training, Inna Bliss, 2018

Pranic Energy Healing Level 1, Inner Sciences, 2015

Pranic Energy Healing Level 2, Inner Sciences 2015

Bachelor's Degree of Social Policy, Majoring in Community Development, Unitec Auckland, 2014

The Story 

Josie is a Certified Meditation and Yoga Teacher who was introduced to spirituality and alternative way of living as a young child. While undergoing her formal education obtaining her Bachelor's Degree Majoring in Community Development her interest in spirituality was reignited. Josie's accumulation of both life experience, informal study and professional training are what makes her such a potent guide.


Here is her story.


"I knew I wanted to help people but by the time I finished my degree I realised I was in dire need of some help myself. I had been in pain for a long time, emotionally and physically, it was affecting every single area of my life. I could barely function in society. My extensive trauma history, ongoing mystery illnesses and unhealthy coping mechanisms coloured every interaction and activity in my life.

In my early to mid-20s, upon moving to Queensland, I was diagnosed with a number of painful and invisible, chronic illnesses including endometriosis. I had chronic acute anxiety a lot of the time and my relationships were stunted by the fact that I didn't trust anybody and I couldn't communicate my feelings.

I was stuck in survival mode and it wasn't until I truly felt safe and supported that I was able to address the many levels of pain I was experiencing. This is where my healing journey truly began.

Using a combination of the wonders of modern medicine, meditation, yoga, creative spiritual practice and lots of love I was able to take my finger off the emergency button and truly start to recover from my experiences. I realised that if these techniques worked and helped me, despite all of my personal challenges, they could work for anyone no matter what they were dealing with. 

With the short time I have here on this Earth I intend to build community, create beautiful experiences of connection and help people to find ways to enjoy their lives. To sow the seeds of compassion in as many hearts as possible.

If you would like to work with me please get in touch in whatever way is most comfortable for you to do so.
I am open to communicating via phone, text, voice messages, video calls and emails as needed/desired."

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