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Exclusive Programs

As well as providing the Meditation Integration Packages, I also offer an exclusive Grounding and Enhanced Practice Program at three different levels. 

The GEPP is deeply challenging in many ways. It requires discipline, perseverance and an ability to sit with oneself.

Learn the art of single-pointed attention, become capable of sitting in meditation for long periods of time. Learn moving meditation techniques and become deeply grounded in the nature of our shared reality. 

Meditation Titration | $500

Spend 4 weeks being personally guided through the basics of grounding meditation and slowly start to incorporate mindfulness practices into your life.

Learn about the nervous system, grounding and much more. 


This is the perfect starter program for you if you are wanting a one-on-one introduction to meditation practices; dabble in something different and learn about how Meditation can enhance your life. 


Meditation Immersion | $700

An intermediate program, spend 6 weeks immersed in grounding and mindfulness practices. Get regular advice and support as you begin to incorporate these practices into every day life.


This is perfect for you if you are wanting to develop your discipline and ideal for anyone working with sleeping issues, persistent anxious feelings and a scattered mind. 


Meditation Mastery | $1,100

Scientific studies now show that it takes 66 days to develop a new life-time long habit. This one-on-one mentorship program is carried out over 9 weeks. That is nine weeks of intensive meditation practice with the goal of deep grounding and single-pointed attention. These are highly disciplined practices requiring dedication.

An absolute challenge in attention, consistency and mindfulness.
This program is not suitable for all people.

If you're ready for the mental and emotional challenge of a life-time, this is the program for you! See HUGE shifts in all areas of your life.

I only accept one Mastery student at a time to ensure that you are receiving the presence and support you need. Those who invest in the Mastery course receive the highest level of support I can offer.


Let's Work Together

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