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Meditation Program For Life

Do you want to make Meditation part of your life? 

Do you need help slowing down?


Do you often feel stressed and anxious?

Do you want to learn effective techniques for coping with daily life?

Do you want to create change in your life and maintain these changes?

If you answered YES to two or more of the questions above then you are in the right place.


YOUR integration PROGRAM


Each Integration program is customized to your current life goals and challenges. 

Whether your goal is to become less stressed, more mindful, more active, more relaxed or more creative -- your Meditation Integration Program will assist you in developing and maintaining the perfect meditation practices for your benefit.

It can be incredibly difficult to set up and maintain new, life-changing habits on your own.

This is where investing in a mentorship or coaching program can be invaluable. 


It is recommended that you book in for at least one private mentoring session before signing up for an extended mentoring program.

what to expect

The Integration Program is a one-on-one meditation mentoring experience.

Within the weeks you spend within this program you will achieve the following:

Connect to your inner Spiritual Teacher

Develop regular Meditation and Spirituality practices

Ground and clear your energy 

Connect deeply with Nature

Gain techniques for coping with daily life and stress

Understand how to work with your nervous system

Live more intentionally
Practice Pure Presence

Discover the power of Radical Acceptance
Receive one-on-one support

And so much more...

With a focus on compassion, embodiment and conscious exploration my approach to Spirituality and Meditation is to is strengths-based, trauma-informed and deeply caring.

It can be hard to work with someone new and to build trust with them. I have been studying and working professionally in this area for 10+ years and I understand any and all misgivings that come with spiritual work. 

Learn more about me here.

how does it work


Modalities utlized may include:

Guided Meditation
Breathwork Techniques

Radical Acceptance
Yoga Instruction

Earthing & Grounding

Loving Compassion
Pranic Energy Healing

Usui Reiki Healing

Active Listening

 Creative Practices
Mentoring Sessions

please note that each program is suited to your individual needs and may not include every modality listed



This one-on-one 4-week, 8-week or 12-week mentorship program is completely customized.

This means that I design a program specific to you. Taking into account your life experience, your home e
nvironment, your career and your life goals/passions. This is not a one size fits all program but caters to the fact that we each have a unique set of circumstances that can be approached in a number of ways.



you will receive...

A weekly one-on-one Integration Zoom call with guided practices
Consistently accessible support between sessions via WhatsApp (voice and text only)

A customized habit tracker

A personalised reading list

Links to meditation playlists on Youtube and Spotify
Discounted tickets to public workshops and events

Discount codes for the Ancient Way Healing online store

One complimentary energy healing session

Together we will establish the perfect Integration practices for your life, right now. 

Receive the support you need to integrate Spiritual practice into your every day life.

Don't just read, talk about and 'like', Spiritual ideas.


Integrate them.

Walk your talk.

Stand tall in your belief.

Embody your Spirituality.

Is this the right program for you?

Let's find out!


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