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from clients of Josie King

 "Josie is a truly luminous soul and deeply gifted guide.

She has infinite perception, a clear eye and a supple, wise heart.
Anyone sharing Josie’s presence and receiving her light is being offered a precious and transformative gift.”  
- Alison Potts, Innate Being, Brisbane

"Josie is very knowledgeable and capable.

She has a genuine desire to help her clients, recover and grow."

John, Brisbane

"She fills the space with such positive energy that you can’t help but leave with a smile." - Steph, Steph Ferguson Yoga, Brisbane

"Josie is gifted and I appreciated her humble understanding nature that was combined with her humour and lightness that could manage even the most painful human situation or dark experience."

Jaqueline Grace, Healing Heart Harmonies, Sunshine Coast

"Her work has changed my life and I now feel grounded within myself and have the tools to support myself to continue to cultivate this state of being."

- Ionie Valdez, Mystic Key, Gold Coast

"If you’re looking for a place to begin your healing path then look no further. I felt so safe and held within the space provided by Josie, the healing and insight has been invaluable."

Lochlan Jamieson, Gold Coast

"Josie’s life experience and extensive wisdom has been able to guide me into directions of peace and clarity. Her use of language is relatable and ability to facilitate provides a completely safe and non-judgemental space to heal through anything."

Chanelle H., Gold Coast

"Josie will make you feel at ease, rested & reset."

Alex, Upper Hutt, NZ

"Josie is a beautiful and nurturing presence... She creates a safe and comforting space which allowed me to surrender deeper, helping me on my overall healing journey immensely."

Taylah Fellows, Real Conscious Ceramics, Brisbane

"Despite us being in different countries she was able to make me feel like she was in the room with me. She made me feel comfortable, and calm."
Kate, Auckland, NZ

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